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The Icon Within

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The icon within.
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The icons here at iconpretties are all strictly For Your Enjoyment.

You may post, trade or take icons (after commenting + crediting) here.

The Rules of Taking Icons.
o1. Comment if you take
o2. Credit (in user pictures)
o3. No direct-linking (it takes away from the quality)
I mean this one too. I'm noticing that some of my icons are being destroyed by direct use. don't do it, ok? There will be consequences if this habit doesn't break.
o4. You must be a member to take an icon
A lot of people do all the other rules, but break this one. I have to have a list of potential people who use my icons. And if this rule keeps being broken, I'll make icons friends only.

For those Posting Icons
- You're welcomed here. Post what you want, but remember that people like variety
Some people post things like all anime (insert something else here) all the time. Variety attracts!
- Explain what your posting (How many icons you're posting, or what the icons are of)
-You may post up to 5 Teasers (Yes, we're kind here.)